CIS Accountants for Contractors

Start your CIS for self employment in construction industry with us at affordable rate per annum.

All contractors operating in the UK, even if they’re based overseas, are required to register for the CIS and take deductions from subcontractors’ pay. These count as advance payments toward subcontractors’ tax and National Insurance contributions. Contractors are required to inform HMRC of the CIS tax deductions they make by filing a CIS tax return by the 19th of every month.

Reliable CIS Accountants

As your specialist CIS accountants, we will: Remind you when it’s time to file a return and request information every month, Add and verify new subcontractors, Process payslips and deduction statements for subcontractors.

We work for you

We will submit your monthly CIS returns, Represent you in all tax-related correspondence and investigations and Provide ongoing advice and support on CIS issues. Contact us today!!!