R&D tax relief

We have a 100% success rate of helping businesses like yours apply for Research and Development (R&D) tax credits, having returned a total value of £1,700,000 across our client base.

R&D tax credits reward UK companies that invest in innovation – whether that’s by helping to develop new products, processes, materials, or making meaningful improvements to existing technologies.

The average claim in the UK is £57,000, and it’s estimated that around £84bn of R&D Tax Credits go unclaimed each and every year. We can successfully connect you to this relief to make your business more tax efficient.

HMRC defines a qualifying project as one that “seeks to achieve an advance in science or technology”, or that faces a “scientific or technological uncertainty”.

Any UK limited company that spends money on a qualifying R&D project is eligible, and the project itself does not need to have been successful for you to make a successful claim.

Enterprise investment schemes

Enterprise Investment Schemes can help you to secure external investment, scale up your business, and achieve transformational change, while making the most of tax planning benefits.

Employee share scheme

Attract and retain your best staff by rewarding them with equity participation in the business.

This scheme is ideal for small but entrepreneurial businesses that may be unable to match the salaries paid by larger competitors.

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