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Our Process


This is an educational service which provides you with information relating to the features of both a defined benefit pension and defined contribution pension.

Abridged Advice

This covers the first few stages of the advice process, helping you to judge whether a pension conversion may be of benefit, before choosing to carry out further analysis.

Full Advice

If you choose to progress with full advice, we provide an in-depth analysis of your existing pension scheme and a personalised recommendation report based on your objectives.

What is Triage?

The aim of Triage is to help you decide whether or not to take advice on the transfer or conversion of your pension. The process involves providing you with impartial information to support your decision. Triage is a complimentary service which we provide free of charge.
There are 3 steps to our Triage process:
1. Register for your interactive video learning experience
We provide you with a series of educational videos to help you understand the features of a defined benefit pension compared to a defined contribution pension.
2. Ask any questions
If there’s anything in the videos that you don’t understand or are unsure about, you can ask us any questions in the live comments section.
3. Contact us for a consultation
If you’ve watched the videos and want to hear more about DB pensions advice, contact a member of our team for a free consultation to discuss your options.

What is Abridged Advice?

When reviewing a DB pension, it is impossible to know whether transferring is in your best interests without undertaking a full-scale review. But, what we can determine early on is if transferring is categorically not in your best interests, which can save you the time and costs associated with full-scale analysis. The way we do this is through an Abridged Advice service, which consists of the following steps:
1. Full consultation with your adviser, including:
– Detailed discussion of your objectives for
– Carrying out a full ‘fact find’ of your wider personal and financial circumstances
– Establishing your attitudes to investment and transfer risk
2. Comprehensive breakdown of your existing defined benefit pension scheme
3. Personalised recommendation report
A personalised recommendation report will be sent to you, to determine whether it is clear that transferring is not in your best interests, or whether further consultation may be suitable.
Abridged Advice is also a complimentary service which we provide free of charge.

What is Full Advice?

If after receiving abridge advice, it is unclear whether or not a pension conversion is in your best interests, then you may choose to proceed with a full-scale analysis.
Our Full Advice service includes:-
– Transfer Value Comparator calculation
– Appropriate Pension Transfer Analysis presentation, including detailed personalised cash flow modelling
– Research of the Defined Contribution market, including consideration of existing workplace or private pensions
– Suitability report with recommendations
– Final transfer recommendation, and implementation of recommendations should you decide to continue.

What are the costs of a DB pension review?

There are no fees associated with either our Triage or Abridged Advice services. For our Full Advice service, see a full cost breakdown below: The initial charge for our full pension transfer advice service is based on the total transfer value:
– 2.5% on the first £750,000
– with a minimum fee of £6,250 and price cap of £18,750 per scheme (plus VAT where applicable)
If you have more than one DB pension scheme and you wish us to review these as part of the DB pension review this can be done, and we will not impose our minimum transfer value of £250,000.
However, the initial fee for a full DB review of each additional DB pension will be as per the tiered fee structure listed above, subject to a minimum fee of £2,000 per additional DB pension.
Regardless of the outcome of a defined benefit pension review, the same advice fee is payable, even if the advice is to retain in the DB pension scheme.
VAT is not applicable only in instances where a recommendation to transfer at least one of the DB pensions is provided.

Our accounting services include the following: Monthly and periodical financial reporting, Payroll Management, Financial Forecast, Cashflow & Budget Preparation, Liaison with external auditors and regulatory bodies and other third parties.
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